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Dream of flying & automatic sail - School of Automation held the 2012 graduate welcome party

Time of publication:2017-05-17   Number of views:

Warmly welcome new students and sail together! On the November 2nd, at 7:00 pm, School of Automation held the 2012 graduate welcome party in the small theater of the Film and Television College. At the party, the 2012 new graduates exhibited colorful performances to show the audience a rich visual feast. The College leadership mentor as well as graduate students nearly 500 people together to share the joy of the moment and enjoyed a good night.

The playback of VCR during the party admission showed the young high-spirited and positive mental outlook of the 2012 of newborn, which enhanced the exchanges between laboratories and classmates. Before the start of the evening, the college director Song Yongduan gave a speech on behalf of the College and mentors. He expressed a warm welcome to the new graduate students joined the College of Automation, expressed his sincere greetings to the teachers and students who worked hard for the party, and blessed the new students a new start in their life and dreams come true! The evening was officially kicked off by the passionate and dynamic opening dance of "dream of flying". The dynamic dance triggered the whole atmosphere, leading all viewers get into the party scene of the “Dream of flying & Automatic sail" evening.

The dance "Blossoming" by PhD students’ group showed off the infinite charm of folk dance; The funny dance "era called" showed a different kind of style and vividly demonstrated the youthful vigor of newborn by their funny actions and strong rhythms. The shown San Juban--"Four bel-esprits” was full of quips, innovative, and unique. The melodious Guitar play and the actors’ wonderful concert in “songs skewers" made the audience immersed. The recitation "youth" expressed the admiration of the students to their prime of youth in their cadence and intense emotion. In the funny dialogue "a girl" the actors used humorous quips and won warm applause of the audience. In the witty drama "Three killed", the novel scenario and plentiful humor took the audience back to the triple history. The skit "Good sound in China" imitated nowadays the most popular programs, the Hua Shao-style chair and unique concert made the audience shine.

In particular, the stage performances by teachers increased the highlight of the evening, and promoted the atmosphere of the scene. In the director Song's song "My Chinese Heart", the familiar melody and soulful singing expressed his fiery patriotism when he was living abroad but still concerned about motherland. Strong resonance caused the audience. After the song, the students still do not have fun, Song invited teacher Wen to sing the beautiful and classic song "My heart will go on" together. The song "Dolma" by secretary Sun Yue aroused pleasant experience plus his own created dance starred and blew the audience, which was quite memorable. In the play "crab tree", Prof. Huang Qin sang like a lark mildly, the deep and broad voice of the teacher You Jiyuan together with the beautiful dance by classmates, attracted the audience. The entire evening was constantly exciting climaxes, attracted the audience bursts of applause and cheers of a wave after wave.

In addition to the programs, this party also carefully arranged game interactive sessions, the audience participated warmly with pleasant atmosphere. Finally, the party was ended in the passionate song "I believe", all participates-- students, teachers and leaders in the performance posed for pictures, holding a draw on the successful conclusion of the party's success.

This evening provided own stage shows and promoted the friendship between teachers and students, which fully displayed the elegance of 2012 graduates of the College of Automation. The evening curtain is not an end but a new beginning, we believe that the students have been ready for sailing on a new life journey, constantly better ourselves to realize their wonderful dreams.