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Computer Aided Design for Control System

Specialty Practice

Distributed Computer Control System

Course Design for Fundamental Computer Hardware

The Fundamentals of Computer HardwareTechnology (III)

The Fundamentals of Computer HardwareTechnology (II)

Comprehensive Practice of Computer Application

Supply Chain Management

Professional Cognition Practice

The Fundamentals of Computer HardwareTechnology (I)

Introduction to Information Security

Database Technology

Course design of Motion Control Systems

Multimodal Transport

Principle of Programmable Controller & System

International Trade and Import-Export Affairs

Power Supply Technology

Servo Control System

Computer Control Technology

E-Commerce and its application

Market Research and Career Planning Practices

Specialized English for Mechanical Engineering

Decision Support System

Course Design for Power Electronics Technology

Power Electronics Technology

Process Control system

Information Fusion and Control

Sensor and Automatic Detection Instrumentation

Human Factors and Engineering

Data Structure

Introduction to Business Intelligence


Computer Communication and Network

Course Design for Process Control System

Motion Control System

Process Control Equipment

Motor and Drive

Computer Control Technology

Electronic Installations Practice

Sensor Technique

Course design for Automatic Control Theory

Logistics Engineering

Logistics Tracking and Identification Technology

Logistic Analysis and Facility Programming

Introduction to Business Management

Automatic Warehouse Design and Management

Introduction to Logisticis Engineering

Introduction to Automation

Course Design for Automatic Warehouse Design and Management

Basic Design of Automatic Engineering

Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods

Modeling and Simulation of Logistical System

System Identification

Integrated Automation System

Pervasive Computing and Control

Logistics Operations and Control

Course Design for Logistics Information System

Course Design for Automatic Control Theory

Course Design for Logistics System Modeling and Simulation

Logistics Information System

Introduction to Systems Engineering

The Fundamentals of Intelligent Control

Principle of Automatic Control(1)

Principle of Automatic Control (2)

Introduction to Transportation Engineering

Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Robot and Control

Intelligent Malfunction Diagnosis

Operation Research

Principle of Automatic Control (1)

Intelligent Electric & Industrial Electrical Control Technology

Environmental Logistics

Wireless Sensor Network

Freshman Seminars

Principle of Automatic Control(2)

Introduction of Adaptive Control

Graduation Design Project

Principle of Automatic Control(III)

Principle of Automatic Control (I)

Design and Implementation of Embedded System

Principle of Automatic Control(II)

Principle of Automatic Control(III)

EDA Technology

Course Design for Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods

Applied Statistics

Robot Control Technology

Introduction to Automatic Instrument

Technology of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

Freight Forwarder and Shipping Agent

Theory of Advanced Control

Optimal Control

Control Technology of Configuration and its Application

Robot and Robotic Control

Logistical Technology and Equipment

Signal Analysis and Processing

Modern Logistics Management