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Dr. Gao Xiaoyong from China University of Petroleum was invited to the School of Automation to give an academic report

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On the afternoon of April 8, 2019, Dr. Gao Xiaoyong from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) was invited to give an academic report in School of Automation.  The lecture was hosted by Professor Chen Gang, director of The Control Theory and Control Engineering Department of the School of Automation. Some teachers and graduate students of the school attended the lecture.

Dr. Gao Xiaoyong's report is entitled "Research on Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Optimization for Petroleum and Petrochemical Process".  The whole report focuses on three aspects: oil and gas field production process scheduling optimization, oil refining production process scheduling optimization and chlor-alkali industry process scheduling optimization.  Firstly, the discrete time model and continuous time model of oil and gas field production process scheduling optimization are introduced, and the production process scheduling optimization strategy is proposed based on the two models respectively.  Then, for the scheduling optimization problem of refinery production process, Dr. Gao xiaoyong gave the integrated optimization strategy of unit optimization control and scheduling optimization, and introduced the overall solution, model establishment and optimization strategy one by one.  Finally, Dr. Gao introduced the approximation and decomposition algorithm based on the pieced-linear model proposed by them for the process scheduling optimization of chlor-alkali industry.  In order to solve the problem of time-varying parameters in chlor-alkali industry, a robust plan optimization method considering time-varying uncertainty in parameter estimation was introduced.  Dr. Gao xiaoyong's research focuses on solving practical production problems. At the end of the report, he shares some experiences and feelings about solving practical problems.  The report benefited the teachers and students present, and they also discussed with Dr. Gao Xiaoyong on the study of optimization problems.