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Professor Giampaolo Buticchi from The University of Nottingham was invited to give a lecture at the School of Automation

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Professor Giampaolo Buticchi from the University of Nottingham (Ningbo) was invited to deliver a lecture at 15:00 on March 6, 2019 (Wednesday). The lecture was hosted by Professor Chen Jiawei from the School of Automation. Some teachers, PhD students and postgraduate students from the School attended the lecture.

Before the report, Professor Chen jiawei first took Professor Giampaolo Buticchi to visit the laboratory related to professor Giampaolo Buticchi's research direction in the School of Automation, and the head of the laboratory introduced the current research trends.  Then I took Professor Giampaolo Buticchi to know about other key research directions and projects of the School of Automation. Both sides had a certain academic discussion and benefited a lot from each other.

Professor Giampaolo Buticchi gave an academic report entitled "On-board Microgrids for the More Electric Aircraft".  Professor Giampaolo Buticchi first introduced the research background, opportunities and challenges of on-board micronets for multi-electric aircraft.  Then, Professor Giampaolo Buticchi introduced the related research work of his research group in the on-board microgrid of multi-electric aircraft, such as power system structure, converter topology, power converter structure, etc., focusing on the control structure and stability analysis of the whole system.  In addition, Professor Giampaolo Buticch provides useful advice and research directions for postgraduate and PhD students in related fields.

Professor Giampaolo Buticchi, with his innovative research ideas and profound professional knowledge, brought a wonderful academic report to our teachers and students, which benefited us a lot.  In the last interactive session, teachers and students had in-depth discussions and exchanges with Professor Giampaolo Buticchi, and the academic atmosphere was very strong.