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Professor Kay Chen Tan of City University of Hong Kong was invited to give a lecture at school of Automation

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At 10:00 am on February 25th, 2019, Professor Kay Chen Tan of City University of Hong Kong was invited to deliver an academic report at school of Automation. The lecture was presided over by Professor Song Yongduan, dean of School of Automation. Some teachers and graduate students of school of Automation attended the lecture.

Professor Kay Chen Tan presented an academic report entitled "Application of Computational Intelligence to Condition-based Maintenance".  Professor Kay Chen Tan first introduced the opportunities and challenges of computational intelligence in the application of device health management.  Then, Kay Chen, professor Tan, introduces its research in artificial intelligence based on data driven technology in the equipment management of the related research work, such as engine fault diagnosis, the surface check, the life estimation, etc., focus on the depth of the role of belief network model in the whole algorithm, and how to improve the precision of the model.  In addition, Professor Kay Chen Tan has provided useful suggestions and research directions for graduate and doctoral students in related fields.

In this report, Professor Kay Chen Tan brought a wonderful academic report to our teachers and students with innovative research ideas and profound professional knowledge, which benefited everyone.  In the last part of the exchange and interaction, the teachers and students of the college had an in-depth discussion and exchange with Professor Kay Chen Tan, and the on-site academic atmosphere was very strong.