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Professor Jennie Si from Arizona State University was invited to give a lecture at the School of Automation

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At 10:00am on May 21, 2019, Professor Jennie Si of Arizona State University was invited to deliver an academic lecture at the School of Automation. The lecture was hosted by Professor Song Yongduan, dean of the School of Automation. Some teachers and graduate students of the school attended the lecture.

Professor Jennie Si will deliver a presentation entitled "Reinforcement Learning Based Control of Robotic Prosthesis in Human-machine Co-adaption".  This paper first introduces the learning control of powered prosthesis in man-machine system, which can help amputees to recover lost limb function.  However, due to the complexity of the real environment, individual differences of amputees, the existence of noise and other problems, it is still very difficult to realize the organic combination of man and machine and control the free movement of prosthetic limbs, which is also a cutting-edge issue at present.  Professor Jennie Si then presented some of their current research results, suggesting two reinforcement learning control methods that have been tested on human subjects on horizontal ground walking.  In the end, Professor Jennie Si looked into the future research on reinforcement learning control, and discussed and communicated with the teachers and students on site. The academic atmosphere was very strong.