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About ACCU

 The School of Automation of Chongqing University is located by the beautiful Jialing river, and is on the 19th floor of the Main Teaching Building. Its precursor is the Automation Faculty of Chongqing University, which was formed in 1979 and composed of related subjects in radio engineering, electronic engineering and thermodynamic engineering. The School of Automation was founded in 1998. The college has a talent training system for undergraduates, masters, doctors, post doctors, and masters of engineering. It fulfills the training job for middle level and high level talents and scientific researches mainly in theory and applicative technology in automatic control, motion control technology and system, process control technology and system, testing technology and automatic instrument, artificial intelligent theory and application, computer information management technology and system, industrial network technology, logistics engineering and physical distribution management.

        The college includes two faculties, control theory and control engineering, information engineering and automation.

        The college has the Control Theory and Control Engineering national 211 project key subject, the national 985 secondary project key building subject, the Control Theory and Control Engineering 10th and 11th Five Year Plan state key building subject, Control Theory and Control Engineering post-doctoral mobile research center, Control Theory and Control Engineering doctorate authorization center, Control Theory and Control Engineering first level subject master’s degree authorization center(the five secondary subjects affliated to which contains five secondary subjects, i.e. “Control Theory and Control Engineering”, “Mode Identification and Intelligent System”, “Testing Technology and Automation Device”, “Systematic Engineering, Navigation Guidance and Control”.  All of them have technology master’s degree  authorization centers). The college takes in and trains Masters of Engineering in control engineering, software engineering and industrial engineering fields.

        The college has the State 985 Project Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform supported Multi-objects Testing and Control and High Precision Testing and Control Research Center, Chongqing city key laboratory(province level), Automatic Control Institute, Intelligent Control Institute, Automatic Instrument Institute, Systematic Engineering and Navigation Guidance Institute, Sea-Cloud-Sky Information&Image New Technology Research Center, Wearable Computer Institute, Robot Innovation Base etc research organization.

The college takes in undergraduates of Automation and Logistics engineering major. There are more than 1, 000 undergraduates, and more than 300 master candidates in the college. It provides the society with more than 300 professions of Automation. In the recent 3 years, more than 300 M. Eng in the control engineering, industrial engineering, software engineering field have been trained for enterprises in the college.

        The college has good instructional experimental base facing undergraduates and master candidates teaching along with hardware for scientific researches. Besides, there’re Chongqing City Key Laboratory of Automation Engineering, State Electrical and Electronical Teaching Experimental Base, CQU-Rockwell Automation Laboratory and CQU-Siemens Laboratory which are of top international level, along with Automative Control Principle Lab, ComputerControlElementaryTeachingExperimentalCenter, and Process Control Laboratory, all of which are of top national level.

        There are 82 stuff currently, in which 12 persons are professors(7 Ph. D advisor), 31 persons are associate professor, and 60% of which has a Ph. D or are doctor candidates. 2 of the stuff won the support of Ministry of Education. The college also employes more than 30 visiting professors(academicians at the ChineseAcademy of Engineering or well-know experts at home and aboard) and more than 30 part-time professors.

        In the recent years, the college has been in charge of high-tech projects supported by Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 Program), the program for tackling key problems in science and technology of Chinese National Five Year Plan, projectes supported by Nature Science Fund of China(NSFC), scientific researches and technological development supported by provincial or ministerial programs for tackling key problems in science and technology and more than 200 Horizontal projects, and won national, provincial or ministerial scientific and technological awards. Several handreds of papers are published in important academic periodicals or academic conferences at home and aboard. More than 10 monographs are published. We hosted or co-hosted several international or national academic conferences. Several scientific research achivements achieved international or national leading level. After more than 20 year’s development, the scientific research and technological development of the college have developed its own characteristics. We have been the key subjects in Control Science and Engineering of the west    China    in many subjects such as Human Simulated Intelligent Control, Artifical Intelligent and Knowledge Engineering, Control Theory and New Intelligent Automation Device, Complex Huge System Theory and Its Application, Industrial Computer Tomography Technology, Web-based Automation Technology and Elementary Automation Technology, Enterprise Informationization, Electronic Commerce, E-government etc.

        The college follows the idea of “footing in Chongqing, Serve the Southwest, Facing Nation Around, Making Worldwide Impact” for carrying out the instruction, and insists on its own teaching strategy. Our staffface to the challenges with a spirit of “hard- working with perseverance, pursuing construction and development of the subjects”, work self-givingly in order to produce high-qualified graduates in the major of automation for the society.