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The School of Automation of Chongqing University
Introduction of ACCU
The School of Automation, Chongqing University, formerly known as The Department of Automation, was founded in 1959 as a major of automatic control in the Radio Department of Chongqing University. In 1979, the Department of Computer and Automation of Chongqing University was formed by the major of computer in the department of wireless electricity, the major of automatic control, the major of industrial automation in the department of electrical machinery and the major of automatic instrument in the department of power. In 1986, the Department of Automation was established with related majors of automation, and in 1998, the School of Automation was established. The school has a talent cultivation system for undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral research. Mainly engaged in automatic control theory and application technology, motion control technology and system, process control technology, testing technology and automation instrument and system, artificial intelligence theory and application, computer information management technology and system, industrial network technology, logistics, engineering technology and logistics management and so on in the direction of outstanding engineering and technical personnel training and scientific research work. The college consists of control Theory and Control Engineering Department, Information Engineering and Automation Department and Logistics Engineering Department. College have "control theory and control engineering" the key discipline of national 211 project, the national 985 project phase 3 key construction disciplines, control science and engineering "15", "11th five-year plan" and "twelfth five-year" chongqing key construction disciplines, control science and engineering post-doctoral mobile stations, control theory and control engineering professional engineering doctoral degree authorization centers, As well as the level 1 discipline of control science and engineering (0811), a master's degree authorization centers (sets of control theory and control engineering ", "pattern recognition and intelligent system", "detection technology and automation devices", "systems engineering", "navigation guidance and control" five secondary discipline has the engineering master's degree authorization centers), traffic information engineering and control (082302) ) Second-level discipline master degree authorization point; Recruit and train engineering doctor in "advanced manufacturing"; Recruit and train engineering master students in the fields of control engineering, software engineering, logistics engineering and industrial engineering; There are two undergraduate majors of automation and logistics engineering, among which automation is the dominant specialty of Chongqing. From 2012 to 2015, the college has an average of 1125 undergraduate students, 99 doctoral students and 370 master students per year, providing 494 automation technical talents per year to the society. In the past three years, we have trained more than 292 engineering postgraduate students in the fields of control engineering, software engineering, logistics engineering and industrial engineering. The college has a good teaching experiment base and scientific research environment for undergraduate and graduate students. With national 985 project of science and technology innovation platform multi-objective control and high precision measurement and control research center, information physical social credible service computing key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology can radio transmission technology can international joint research and development center, a new wireless transmission technology can international joint research and development center, wireless transmission technology engineering technology research center in chongqing, chongqing traffic network Cheng technology research center, the new technology of control and intelligent systems engineering laboratory in chongqing, the chongqing intelligent transportation (ITS) engineering technology research center, intelligent system and new energy technology research institute, institute of automatic control, intelligent control research institute, automation instrument research institute, institute of systems engineering and navigation guidance, hai yun image information research institutions, such as new technology research and development center; At the same time with "automation engineering", the international first-class level of chongqing key laboratory "chongqing university rockwell automation lab", the domestic first-class level of "chongqing university control foundation experiment teaching center", "innovation laboratory" robot and automation college full-time professional degree graduate student campus practice training base ". School of existing staff personnel 90 people, including 14 professors, 40 associate professors, 81.33% of full-time faculty have doctoral degree, "foreign teacher" list 1 person, 2 foreign experts "high-end" men, "the Ministry of Education in the new century excellent talents to support plan" 2 people, 1 "chongqing youth talent", "chongqing university one hundred people plan" four people, There are more than 30 visiting professors and part-time professors. In recent 3 years, the School of Automation has undertaken 131 national 973 and 863 High-tech projects, national "Twelfth Five-Year" science and technology research projects, national Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial key science and technology research and development projects and horizontal projects, and won 7 national and provincial science and technology awards. He has published 499 papers, 3 scientific monographs and more than 300 patents in important international and domestic academic journals and conferences. He has hosted and co-hosted many international and national academic conferences, and many scientific research achievements have reached the international and domestic advanced level. After more than 30 years of development, the School has formed its own characteristics in scientific research and technological development. Such as "intelligent system and new energy technology", "Radio Energy transmission technology", "Advanced Detection and Intelligent System", "Intelligent perception and control of information physical system", "sensor control and advanced Integration technology" and other research directions have obvious advantages in the control science and engineering field in western China.
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